StinkBoss Review – Ozone Shoe Deodorizer Box

By | July 24, 2020

Most messages that hit my shoe blog inbox are somewhat of a nap fest. StinkBOSS’s email about their ozone smell expulsion machine was by no means one of those.

Please, a stove like contraption made explicitly to remove the smell from your stinky shoes, skates, tennis shoes? Called the STINK BOSS? That is to say, how cracking unusual and AWESOME is that!?

Alright, so your possible starting reaction to this post is, without a doubt, going to be of what assortment. I get it. It was mine the initial 20 some odd seconds also. Until I understood this is one of the shoe care things to cross my way in some time.

I’ve been shoe blogging for right around seven years and thought I had seen all conceivable shoe extras, contraptions, and the like. Fortunately, innovation, advancement, and creative masterminds keep on, causing us to remain alert. Indeed, joke expected.

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So I’m sure you’re perusing this reasoning I’m crazy. Or then again genuinely excited for StinkBOSS because my shoes smell THAT terrible. Claiming the same number of shoes as I do, they don’t. None of them get enough to wear to accomplish stinky limits.

In any case, I know numerous individuals who play sports where sweat-soaked, dirty shoes and rigging is an issue—counting a portion of my companions. My strategy this post, checking on the StinkBOSS, was to locate the right footwear to test it on.

So I impacted my mission to search out the most harmful pair through my social channels. Among those addressed, were a few guardians of young people at my child’s school. At long last, the most exceedingly terrible guilty parties were a couple of climbing boots from a dear companion’s better half.

We should call him Tom for the reasons for this post. For stylish ideas, you won’t see these boots in this post. It’s awful enough that I’m discussing offensive shoes, don’t have to exhibit them as well, right!?

Rather than making a cursory effort of an ordinary item audit, I will get the right to address your inquiries this time around.

These were my underlying inquiries before finding out about and trying out the StinkBOSS. I wager you’re asking yourselves comparable ones, so here goes:

What is StinkBOSS?

The StinkBOSS is an ozone shoe deodorizer box that dries, cleans, and disinfectants. Furthermore, above all, it’s worked to wipe out the shoe smell. It is anything but a clothes washer. However, so dirty shoes going in will come out only a grimy.

Is it heavy?

I thought it was, mainly because of the monstrosity of the bundle it came in! Flips off it’s light and effectively compact.

How does it work?

Ozone smell expulsion is the game! Indeed, logically, StinkBOSS utilizes Ozone — a gas that responds with anything it comes into contact with — to murder the microorganisms related to scents.

The StinkBOSS box makes the Ozone to separate oxygen particles and to circle new ozone atoms all through your shoes. The shoehorns discovered inside the StinkBOSS are air vents that permit the gas to pass and flow straightforwardly inside your shoes.

Is it difficult to use?

Not in any manner. Also, this is originating from somebody with no specialized aptitude! You plug the StinkBOSS in and turn it on. At that point, open cover utilizing the dark discharge button and spot your shoes onto the shoehorns.

After this, you carefully select your time, choose if you have to use the warmth work or not, and press start. Presto! The machine accompanies a secure showed snappy beginning aide also.

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Can you use it for items other than shoes?

Indeed, completely! Since the StinkBOSS dispenses with smell by executing the related microbes, so it’s sheltered. Simple and bodes well to use for items other than shoes.

So, For example, different kinds of athletic equipment, such as gloves, caps, socks, knee cushions, and more.

Can it damage my shoes & Gear?

Whether you’re utilizing the drying capacity on sodden shoes or not, StinkBOSS doesn’t create enough warmth or produce any bi-item to harm your shoes and things.

What’s the biggest size shoe that can fit inside?

The shoehorns inside the StinkBOSS that hold the shoes topsy turvy can hold up to a size 14 shoe.

How long does it take?

Much longer than I suspected! From the outset, my companions and I thought the advanced clock showed minutes. However, perusing all the more intently.

We understood it could take somewhere in the range of 30 moments to 6 HOURS to smell evidence of your shoes! The stinkier your shoes and rigging, the additional time it will take.

Anticipate that it should require some investment on the off chance that you have to utilize the warmth work.

Is it safe?

I asked StinkBOSS, and they expressed the accompanying: Similarly, Ozone can be utilized mistakenly or in dangerous sums with whatever else. Be that as it may, the Ozone created in the StinkBOSS consents to UL Standard No.

867, which manages family unit utilization of Ozone. Make sure to close the top while working and follow the client manually.

Anyway sheltered, the Ozone created by the StinkBOSS has a robust smell that my companions and I didn’t especially take to while utilizing it in my family room. Shockingly for us.

With the – 15 Degrees Celcius climate outside, opening the windows was impossible! Next time, I will utilize it out, in a carport, or more prominent, all around the ventilated region, mainly if I’ll utilize it for longer timeframes.

How often do I need to use it?

StinkBOSS suggests running the machine at the full 6-hour cycle for the primary use, and afterward, for shorter 2 hr cycles after each time you wear, sweat, smell up your shoes or thing.

Does it work?

Ha, so the MOST significant inquiry I have put something aside for last: does the StinkBOSS work? Considering we utilized the ozone shoe deodorizer for just 1 hour versus the suggested six on Tom’s stinky climbing boots, it assuredly wiped out the smell.

What’s more, I’ve been smelling them consistently for seven days now and still no indication of the first odor! Even though the boots do possess an aroma like the Ozone created by the machine to freshen up and disinfect, it doesn’t have all the earmarks of covering it.


To that summarizes my StinkBOSS audit for now. The StinkBOSS ozone deodorizer machine is undoubtedly an imaginative and helpful device to have available to one for dispensing with scent from shoes and foul rigging. Particularly if you have a more prominent family with athletic equipment, you’d preferably not mess up your home!

I have a couple of guardians inquiring as to whether they can utilize them to kill their young child’s hockey gear and soccer shoes, and I’m glad to share. That is to say if 6 hours of StinkBOSS doesn’t take out the smell, at that point, I don’t think anything will.

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