Is It Possible To Buy Smart Shoes Online?


The smart shoes, while it sounds useless, it can reduce your running time and help you slim down. How interesting is that? Everybody loves a good pair of shoes. When it comes to shoes, technology is not something we think about. Luckily, intelligent shoes bring fashion and technology together. How do brilliant shoes work, and can you purchase them right now?

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What Is A Smart Shoe?

The type of shoes you’d find in a shop window look like smart shoes, but they offer many features. The first benefit of intelligent shoes is that they can track your activity level. A few small devices allow these shoes to track your activity level by monitoring how many steps you have taken, your pace, and how much energy you have expended. Using geo-location systems, such as GPS, these shoes can even tell you where you are.

So, to provide this level of in-depth monitoring, smart shoes must be equipped with many features. A pressure sensor in the shoe can detect when you have on the shoe and how much you weigh. It has even been used to create shoes that tie themselves whenever they sense your foot using these pressure sensors.

Also available are smart shoes equipped with environmental sensors that can detect the surrounding atmosphere. They can measure light, sound, or altitude. Furthermore, shoe batteries are monitored by an internal sensor. You have to charge these shoes to keep them running because the shoes run with a battery. It will not be a significant inconvenience since the batteries can last two weeks on a single charge.

So, in addition to these minor fun features. An intelligent shoe connects to your phone via Bluetooth to display your health data. The intelligent shoes will most likely link to an app that displays daily, weekly or monthly stats. These shoes offer some exciting features and can provide some convenient features for their users.

Can I Buy A Pair of Smart Shoes?

However, some well-known shoe companies are now embracing the digital age with their offerings. There are companies like Digitsole that were founded to make intelligent shoes.  In addition to monitoring posture, steps taken, and calories burned, Digitsole’s smart shoes can also track other health factors.

In 2016, Nike, an international clothing giant and household name released its first smart shoe. Shoes in the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 series can do things like tying themselves up to themselves. As soon as you put them on, they set off sensors to detect when you do and begin to lace up themselves while you sit back and relax. Even though these are pretty cool shoes, they don’t have other shoes’ monitoring or tracking features.

However, Under Armour’s, HOVR Phantom shoes come with additional features. These shoes, for example, can be connected to an app called Map My Run on your smartphone. Your pace and incremental steps are displayed in this app, along with the shoes. The app offers some functional training plans as well if you’re trying to get fit.

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Will Smart Shoes Become The Norm?

In the future, intelligent shoes may become mainstream, but that remains to be seen. It’s not exactly a market norm at the moment, and most people have no idea what intelligent shoes are! These shoes can cost as much as a few hundred dollars, so not everyone can afford them.

Furthermore, intelligent shoes are also tracked with free apps and cheaper devices like pedometer watches. Thus, brilliant shoes seem a little pointless. Smart shoes have been around for quite a while but are not very popular. However, some smaller companies sell smart shoes, like Cloudnova or Digitsole.

Who Knows What The Future Holds for Smart Fashion?

There’s no telling what will happen when fashion and technology merge, with intelligent rings and bright belts already available on the market. Shortly, brilliant shoes may become popular accessories, given their convenience and coolness! We’ll continue to wear our trusty pair of sneakers for now.

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