The Top 10 Shoes Every Trendsetter Should Have For New York Winter

Winter Shoes

It is impossible to avoid the harsh winters when you live in New York City. Cold temperatures cause ice patches to appear at every corner and the wind to whip your hair. It is hard to ignore the muddy puddles after a snow day during winter. Focus on finding the perfect shoes for each New York winter by finding the closet staples that will get you there. If you wear the wrong footwear during the upcoming colder months, you will spend the entire time slipping.

It’s okay to wear strappy sandals or bejewelled flats from time to time, but the winter does call for something a little more substantial. The below ten shoes share a few standard features despite their unique shapes. The first is their durability. Secondly, they’re comfortable, so you can sprint home or sprint up subway stairs with ease. Lastly, they’re still stylish – and essential for every city.

Thus, no matter what kind of shoe you’re wearing in the cold weather – chunky sneakers or Chelsea boots – these winter-proof shoes will protect your feet from the weather.

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Over-The-Knee Boots

A modern footwear style with this look was seen at Paris Fashion Week Winter 2021. These styles were presented for a reason. Winter boots that cover the knees provide protection from snow and water getting into your boots. You’ll stay warm when the temperature drops with these shoes. As the boot creeps past your knees, a skin-hugging style will make your legs appear longer, especially if the boot is heeled.

Riding Boots New York Winter

During the dreary winter, classic riding boots make a great addition. For warmer weather or a light dusting of snow, try these boots instead of chunky winter shoes. Wear it with your cold-weather wardrobe to add a little bit of coolness.

Black Ankle Booties

Are you late for work? A simple pair of ankle booties like those from Anthropologie below pul on and off with ease. You can also include a fun rhinestone-embellished Gucci option to your wardrobe as part of your weekend attire or find styles that come in a neutral black colour.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a timeless investment because they’re the perfect balance of casual and luxurious.  From dresses with tights to crop-flare jeans, this downtown-inspired silhouette will go with everything. Since they’re usually made from leather or neoprene, durability is a significant advantage in coming out of winter looking stylish and confident. Several celebrities have already styled Chelsea boots into their fall wardrobes, including Cardi B and Emma Roberts, who wear them with their fall ensembles.

Chunky Sneakers

The classic arch support of chunky sneakers is always a wise idea, so you should wear them every week. You can dress these down with sweats on the weekend or dress them up with trousers and a sweater on a weekday. Moreover, they’re easily one of the most comfortable shoes for going shopping.

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Snow Boots

You may feel like snow boots are apparent or dull, but there are now many stylish options to consider that are more than just waterproof. A pair of cute snow boots will not only keep you safe from post-snow sidewalk fallen but will also help you wear the boot year after year. So it’s an investment you rarely need to make.

Furry Clogs

Winter style is incomplete without clogs, an unexpected but adorable piece of footwear. Slip them on and take a stride away! This shoe’s slight heel gives your look an extra boost, and the sole’s grip keeps you from slipping or tripping.

Utilitarian Boots

You can protect yourself from the cold while staying fashionable when you wear lace-up boots. No matter what you choose, this is an excellent choice for 2022, whether you go grungy or go for an excellent combat version.

Platform Loafers

This season, platform loafers are everywhere. A standard pair of flat loafers will be appropriate for work, and a platform loafer will be more casual and less formal. A lot of celebrities love this style. Furthermore, designers like Prada and Gucci have made slip-on shoes cool by putting their spin on them.

Rain Boots

You will find nothing more satisfying than slipping out of your rain boots once you reach your destination, confirming that your feet are, in fact, dry. You can also bring your imagination to life by designing all kinds of fashionable rain boot outfits. 

Put on some colourful boots like Emilio Pucci’s below to add colour to your rainy day ensemble. New Yorkers should own this category of boots because they are indispensable during the winter months when it rains.

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