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How Do You Clean Up Content Without Affecting Rankings?

Content is not created equally. This week’s Ask An SEO is for you if you don’t know what to do with hundreds of pages. Neethu submitted today’s Ask An SEO query, which is as follows: I’ve had my website for about 20 years. A lot of content is available. Many of them aren’t working out… Read More »

Do I Write Separate Pillar Posts For Each Category?

You’re unsure if you need to create pillar pages. In this week’s Ask An SEO, expert Tony Wright offers his recommendations on content organization. Robert from St. Petersburg submitted the query for today’s Ask An SEO. Robert asks: I’m new and just getting started, so I don’t understand pillar posts. Do I write separate pillar… Read More »

Which Is Better For Ecommerce: On-Page SEO Or Link Building?

When focusing on ecommerce SEO, which should you prioritize: content or link building? In this Ask An SEO piece, Mindy Weinstein responds. Taha in Chicago submitted the query for today’s Ask an SEO. My inquiry relates to e-commerce SEO. I’m currently employed by an e-commerce company as an SEO Executive. They have no content on… Read More »

How Can We Encourage Older Consumers To Leave Reviews?

This week’s Ask An SEO has a question from a reader about how to encourage an underserved client base to post reviews. For Tony Wright’s advise, continue reading. Kayle submitted the question for today’s Ask An SEO during a recent webinar. What can we do to get senior customers who are less tech savvy to… Read More »